In this blog, we intend to provide honest plugin reviews using our insider knowledge of resource history, coding practices, and acceptable marketing choices. Please be patient as we fill this new space with quality content.

How we grade resources is as follows:

  • Presentation. The readability of download pages as well as any official website(s). Organization of contents and proper use of images and/or videos contribute to this aspect.
  • Documentation. Coverage of niche topics and detailed instructions are critical to a good score. Outdated information and broken links will not serve well here.
  • Usefulness. Whether the resource contributes something which could not easily be obtained otherwise. Think of complex or unique experiences behind a simple interface.
  • Code quality. A house is only as good as its structure. Use of project management tools and an experienced hand are good signs of having built something which will last.
  • Support. Responding to issues and inquiries in a timely manner is just as important to users as it is to the health of the project. Discord servers are highly recommended.

We will not review plugins which we believe to encourage cracked Minecraft servers, such as SkinsRestorer. If you are a developer whom would like assistance improving an aspect of your resource, feel free to contact us. Replies are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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