Where can I advertise Minecraft servers?

Lots of places! Here are a few sites we suggest you try advertising on.

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After all this work you’ve put into making a great server, how do you get players to join it? If you’re just playing with friends, then the answer is simply giving them the IP address. Getting plenty of fresh faces to show up, however, is a little more challenging. There are number of methods to get your server out there, with some being more fruitful than others.

Voting Sites

If you enter “minecraft servers” into your favorite search engine, there’s a good chance some of the top hits will be Minecraft server lists. These are websites not affiliated with Mojang, where anyone can post their server’s IP for the world to join. Most will require a banner image, as well as some method of verifying the server belongs to you. A few of the more popular sites are (in no particular order):

Competition for top spots can be fierce on these sites, with paid advertisements often taking the top spot. However, it’s still worth posting your server on as many server lists as possible, especially if you can convince players to start voting for the server. Handing out in-game incentives like free items after voting, through plugins like NuVotifier or VotifierPlus, is a great way to encourage participation where supported.

Social Media

While buying ads on Instagram or TikTok is potentially overkill for a server just starting out, there are plenty of inexpensive things you can do to attract players. One is to create a YouTube video showcasing the best parts of your server, and then sharing that on platforms like Reddit and Discord, both of which have countless advertiser-friendly communities. Even if you can’t create a video, many plugins have a support Discord with a channel specifically for sharing server details, such as Quests.


One of the biggest server list sites, Planet Minecraft, also has a forum where certain sections can be used to advertise. Minecraft Forum is also a common choice for those seeking a place to play. You might even consider smaller websites where you’re more likely to connect with a niche audience—just remember to respect community guidelines wherever you decide to share.


In addition to where you advertise, the way you do can play a huge part in how effective your ad will be. We like this article by Steliosmac of Minecraft Buzz, wherein they not only reinforce why you should advertise, but provide deeper insight into how some of the bigger names are able to more easily pull in more players. Breaking through to an audience can appear daunting for small servers, but finding what works best for you and your players is critical in growing a sustainable community. Go get the word out!

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