Is the Skript plugin bad?

No, but we don’t recommend it for your server.

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Of the many resources available to server owners, this is one project with a uniquely controversial history. Created by Swiss developer Peter “Njolbrim” Güttinger, the Skript plugin provides a way for humans with little to no coding experience to create “scripts” using a simplistic programming language of the same name. These files work similarly to plugins to accomplish tasks like giving players an item or broadcasting a message, albeit with some limitations. Despite being discontinued in 2014, the project lives on as a sanctioned port and still receives a steady stream of new contributions. SpigotMC even has a specific resource category and subforum dedicated to Skript development.

Skript often gets a bad rap with the reasoning that it can be a distraction to new coders whom could be learning other, more useful languages. While most server plugins are written in the widely-popular Java language, there are no common applications for Skript outside of its ecosystem. There are also no industry-adopted IDEs (integrated development environments) to assist users with error-checking and suggestions, and Skript is widely assumed to be slower than Java due to the use of a transpiler—a step that compiled languages like Java don’t need to take.

Conversely, some see Skript as a nice introduction to the core concepts of programming, such as ‘if’ statements and loops, similar to how many schools use Alice to teach coding fundamentals. The syntax is easy to remember and more closely resembles English. However, for anything more than practice or accomplishing the absolute basics, most plugin authors will agree that Skript is best avoided whenever possible. Anything Skript can do, Java can do better.

  • Presentation: 3/5
  • Documentation: 5/5
  • Usefulness: 1/5
  • Code quality: 5/5
  • Support: 2/5

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