Is the Quests plugin any good?

Yes, we recommend the Quests plugin for your server.

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Since its initial release on BukkitDev in late 2012, the free Quests plugin has provided servers a way to engage their players in curated stories and challenging objectives. Administrators are given access to the chat-based Quests Editor, which features a real-time planner, completion rewards ranging from items to specific permissions, and per-quest options like whether to allow quitting or the use of a party plugin. Use of the Citizens plugin for non-playable character interaction is suggested, but not required.

The lesser-used Actions and Conditions Editors are useful for drawing focus to the smaller details of a player’s questing adventure, like sound effects and subtle rules to remember. If setup via chat feels too monotonous, a graphical overlay is available in the premium QuestsGUI (ad). There are also many custom modules available for integration with other popular plugins such as MythicMobs and mcMMO Overhaul (support for mcMMO Classic is built-in).

No plugin is perfect; the Quests project is always looking to improve. Its open-source nature lets coders contribute at any time, as well as submit translations for over 20 supported languages. Since taking over lead development of the project from its creator in early 2015, developer PikaMug is quick to respond on the project’s issue tracker. Its community Discord server provides a safe place for Quests users to interact and get answers to basic questions.

  • Presentation: 5/5
  • Documentation: 4/5
  • Usefulness: 4/5
  • Code quality: 3/5
  • Support: 5/5

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