Is the Interactions plugin a good buy?

Yes. We recommend Interactions for your server.

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Of the many plugins for sale on the SpigotMC platform, Interactions stands out as a genuine, no-gimmick tool for creating great conversations between players and Citizens NPCs. Though not technically required, being able to approach an NPC and be instantly immersed in dialogue is game-changing for any story-driven server. With total control over where, when and how each conversation plays out, there are truly a wide range of options to keep players immersed. Once they’re finished, an audible sound or potion effect makes the interaction fun, memorable, and leaves them wanting more.

Getting started is easy. In fact, the most time will likely be spent on setting up some of the project’s optional dependencies. HolographicDisplays and PlaceholderAPI are useful additions, with ProtocolLib completely haulting player movement while engaged in discussion. A number of included libraries makes graphical additions like boss bars and transition titles easy for administrators. If any confusion should occur, a detailed, public wiki is available which can answer most any question.

For unusual concerns, however, we were unable to find any dedicated support links for Interactions. At time of writing, a lack of Discord presence on any of their 25+ resources was surprising, but the author does appear to reply to discussion threads and private messages within one business day. While the near-universally positive reviews for Interactions reflect good coding practices, some of the method names outside of the minimal API documentation are a potentially-jarring mix of Spanish and English terminology.

A premium module for Quests is available which provides integration with this plugin.

  • Presentation: 5/5
  • Documentation: 5/5
  • Usefulness: 5/5
  • Code quality: 4/5
  • Support: 4/5

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