Does BedWars1058 work well?

Yes. We recommend the BedWars1058 plugin for your server.

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Previously a premium plugin, Bedwars1058 has been around since late 2017. With it, players will fight to destroy their opposing teams’ beds through the use of unique weapons, shops and item spawners. After each game, the world is automatically reset in preparation of the next round of players. Support for larger servers is provided through Bungeecord, a separate piece of software which ties multiple small servers into a single experience. Parties support is provided as an alternative to its internal party system.

Setup is a strong point for Bedwars1058, although not without its faults. Administrators are thrust into a graphical overly with their choice of an easy “assisted” mode or complex “advanced” mode. Bedwars1058 will then handle creation of the arena world without the need of a world management plugin like Multiverse. This is a painless experience until the player is teleported to an empty world, resulting in a death screen. It is recommended that administrators have a map with solid footing prepared beforehand.

Remaining setup consists of clickable chat and visual cues which are very intuitive. Steps are clearly outlined, and a handy checklist is available in assisted mode. Bedwars1058 can even automatically detect some factors based on previously-accomplished steps. It’s clear that going open-source as of November 2021 was a boon for this resource, as the project continues to see rousing improvements like these from its growing number of contributors. Still, it has some catching up to do with seasoned resources like Screaming Bedwars.

Sadly, bug reports and pull requests often go long periods without a response. The resource’s dependence on in-house external libraries means updates are slow. This is further impeded by reliance on the Minecraft server source (commonly referred to as “NMS” code), which does provide some cool features like attacking with Silverfish at the cost of incompatibility with the latest version of the game at time of writing. Nonetheless, support on Discord is acceptable and the documentation is thorough, albeit inchoate.

A premium module for Quests is available which provides integration with this plugin.

  • Presentation: 4/5
  • Documentation: 3/5
  • Usefulness: 5/5
  • Code quality: 3/5
  • Support: 3/5

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