How is Screaming BedWars?

Great. We recommend the Screaming BedWars plugin for your server.

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The free plugin Screaming BedWars is a remaster of the older BedwarsRel which dominated the genre since 2015. Like with its predecessor, administrators are able to transform worlds into arenas where players fight to destroy the opposing teams’ beds, complete with unique weapons, shops and item spawners. After each game, the world is automatically reset in preparation of the next round of players. Support for larger servers is provided through Bungeecord, a separate piece of software which ties multiple small servers into a single experience.

Screaming BedWars gameplay is often compared to the experience offered by Hypixel (not affiliated). Out of the box, the shops are configured to use Brick (referred to as Bronze) items as their base currency instead of Iron Ingots, which can cause confusion among new users. An addon exists which changes Screaming BedWars to act more like Hypixel, but it has been discontinued as of 2021. A rising competitor to this plugin is BedWars1058 – OpenSource, which offers an arguably cleaner setup experience, but has not yet been tested by time.

Documentation exists, but is lacking. However, development on Screaming BedWars is active, with a good response time on its issue tracker. The number of requests for new features outweighs its bug reports, which bodes well for stability but highlights the fact that there is still much to be desired. Support for Minecraft 1.8.8 was added in August of 2022, much to the delight of those whom prefer the combat style of that era. Still, OldCombatMechanics and ViaVersion are common plugins to use alongside this resource.

A premium module for Quests is available which provides integration with this plugin.

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