How does mcMMO Classic stack up?

It’s alright. Read before using the mcMMO Classic plugin on your server.

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This formerly free version of mcMMO (not to be confused with the newer mcMMO Overhaul) is the original RPG plugin for Minecraft servers. Since August 2011, it has provided players the unique ability to hone skills such as Woodcutting (tree-cutting proficiency) and Acrobatics (fall damage reduction). You can even train your bare hands to become powerful weapons with the Unarmed combat skill. Featuring a built-in party system, engaging sound effects, and leaderboards, it should be no surprise that countless servers had chosen to integrate mcMMO Classic into otherwise normal gameplay.

While updates have been sparse since development switched focus to the Overhaul version on Jan 29, 2019 (source), the mcMMO Classic plugin remains functional on the latest version of Minecraft as of writing. That said, we believe you will have the best experience using this resource on older versions of Minecraft. Add-ons such as mcMMOAction, mcMMO-TagAPI, and mcMMO-WorldGuard have not been updated in some time. Incompatibility with several anti-cheat plugins may also be of concern to some users, as the CompatNoCheatPlus add-on designed to resolve this has been abandoned for years.

Be advised that some versions of mcMMO are known to be exploitable for item duplication. These glitches are well documented on platforms such as Reddit and YouTube. While the most recent version of Classic is relatively stable, its issue tracker for bug reports is largely deserted and Discord support has been delegated to a sparsely-used channel in a server for the Overhaul edition. Even its official wiki has been overtaken by documentation for the newer resource. Do your research before installing this on a live server.

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