EssentialsX, is it worth installing?

Yes, we recommend the EssentialsX plugin for your server. Since the earliest days of Minecraft server software, there has been a desire and need to accomplish basic tasks which are not included in the game itself. Easy access to points of interest, teleport requests, and extra moderation tools which we now take for granted were … Read more

Why does everyone use LuckPerms?

It’s unrivaled. We recommend the LuckPerms plugin for your server. LuckPerms is hands down the best permissions plugin for Minecraft servers. Created and maintained by developer lucko, its introduction in 2016 was a literal game-changer. Predecessors such as PermissionsEx and GroupManager contained several limitations or bugs which made picking a permissions plugin a lot like … Read more

How is Screaming BedWars?

Great. We recommend the Screaming BedWars plugin for your server. The free plugin Screaming BedWars is a remaster of the older BedwarsRel which dominated the genre since 2015. Like with its predecessor, administrators are able to transform worlds into arenas where players fight to destroy the opposing teams’ beds, complete with unique weapons, shops and … Read more

Is the Quests plugin any good?

Yes, we recommend the Quests plugin for your server. Since its initial release on BukkitDev in late 2012, the free Quests plugin has provided servers a way to engage their players in curated stories and challenging objectives. Administrators are given access to the chat-based Quests Editor, which features a real-time planner, completion rewards ranging from … Read more