Is the Skript plugin bad?

No, but we don’t recommend it for your server. Of the many resources available to server owners, this is one project with a uniquely controversial history. Created by Swiss developer Peter “Njolbrim” Güttinger, the Skript plugin provides a way for humans with little to no coding experience to create “scripts” using a simplistic programming language … Read more

How do I set up a Minecraft server?

Good question. We recommend newcomers try a hosting service. There are an overwhelming number of free and paid hosting providers available for a multitude of games, including Minecraft: Java Edition. Some are great, many are not, and a few excel at particular aspects compared to their competitors. We’ll attempt to walk you through some of … Read more

Which server software is best?

Tough choice. We recommend Paper for most Minecraft: Java Edition servers. Mojang (the developer of Minecraft) provides Realms, a pre-configured space to play with friends, as well as a free program to create multiplayer servers. However, neither option allows for plugins (also known as “server-side mods”) nor much optimization. To fill this gap, the Minecraft … Read more